The only software needed to manage your


Acterio allows you to merge community building with portfolio management. Easily connect your startups with your investors and partners and know the value of your startup portfolio.


Know the value of your startup portfolio

Get on-demand insight of your startup portfolio and easily showcase it to your partners, investors and shareholders.

Automate your workflow and reporting

Free your mentors from manual administrative work and let them focus on delivering value to your startups.

Build a thriving community!

Gather startups, partners and investors in one place and make it easy to collaborate and share information in your community.

Key Features

The only platform needed to manage your innovation hub

Insight dashboards
Get analytics on your startups and how they perform. Know the demography, metrics and traction of your portfolio and automatically create reports based on your needs.
Mentor workspace
Organize and structure your work with the startups. Set goals, keep track of their KPIs, score and evaluate your startups, write collaborative notes and easily share resources
Startup journeys
Customize your startups’ journeys according to their needs or your program. Easily match tasks and milestones with resources, service providers and mentors to maximize your startup’s ability to execute.
Digital community
Keep all community activity in one place. Easily schedule events with full overview of attendees. Let your members engage with each other through your community forum and centralize communication through your community dashboard.
Automated meeting scheduling
Let people in your community easily request meetings with each other and keep track of interactions between your members.
Customizable appearance
The platform is whitelabeled, giving you the freedom to personalize it for your community!
Client FeedBack

Some feedback from our customers

"Acterio is an easily managed and user-friendly platform that assists Insj and its members in numerous ways. It enables us to share resources with our ecosystem consisting of startups, founders and mentors. Acterio is especially useful for sustaining community engagement and creating synergies by giving Insj's community a digital platform for communication, collaborations and activities."

Melody Chen

Community Manager

"Acterio allows us to centralize all the relevant data and information of our startups and develop our entrepreneurial community. We were able to create an ecosystem that facilitates communication across founders, mentors, business developers and new stakeholders."

Susana Meza

Community Manager

Our story - Why we started

After being part of creating and managing an incubator in Oslo, we saw that there were no good digital tools to manage your community. We spent a lot of time gathering insight, handing out resources and we lacked the overview needed to efficiently run our incubator and showcase our portfolio value. We saw that the business model was hard to scale due to unnecessary manual work. We decided to solve this problem ourselves and built Acterio - the only platform needed to manage your ecosystem and showcase the value of your portfolio.

Even Dahl, CEO
David Gjerde, COO